Slingshot Internet Marketing SEO Study

Slingshot internet Marketing seo study

Slingshot Internet Marketing SEO Study

The Slingshot Institute has spent the last 3 months with a dedicated team of 15 SEO specialists, analysing thousands of keyword searches across thousands of websites from the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The aim of the study is to determine the key search factors that help a website rank well in Google.

The study explores and analyses 26 key metrics from backlinks to Facebook likes across sites ranked numbers 1-3-7 and 15 to compare the differences. The finding of the study will be released shortly.

Charles Bosse, an SEO expert and Director of Slingshot Internet Marketing, says, ‘This study will be a game changer for anyone interested in having a website and wanting it to rank well in Google.’ This study will eliminate much of the guesswork involved the pursuit of ranking No. 1 in Google search results. Charles goes on to say, ‘What we are seeing so far in this study is that your online strategy will need radically change to survive into the future. The study is revealing is that there are plenty of businesses out there that are wasting money on the wrong aspects of their online marketing efforts.’

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