SEO Audits & Strategy

The first step

An Audit is one of the first places we start, consider it as a check-up for your website, we see if there are any issues, but more importantly the opportunities for your website. After all, in order to get to your dream destination, you need to first know where you are today; the audit lets us create this map for you.

For many experienced developers, this service is a great feature because our expertise can point you in the right direction and then either help you fix the problems or even let you try and solve them yourself.

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Our Options

Simple Audit – This is the basic check to see how everything is running. It is a comprehensive checklist of over 50 items which lets you know where the main competition is, and what your current Ranking is.

Tactical Audit –This is inclusive of the simple, but we delve deeper and step you through a more detail oriented review of your website, and also a recommendations we would have to maximise your visibility and solve any smaller issues.

Emergency Audit – This is our Comprehensive audit that is normally used when there has been a major change or issue with your site and your traffic has deteriorated. We will quickly discover the issue with recommendations to fix the problems that caused the emergency. Often considered when dealing with a decline in traffic and therefore electronic sales and revenue.

It should be clear that none of these audits are a generic or off-the-shelf services, each is done with care and precision by our experienced team. As with our packages and plans, there is no on-size-fits-all solution when it comes to SEO. The more comprehensive the audit, the more it will be tailored to yours specific needs while keeping you informed of how your website is functioning.

Simple SEO Audit

This step is usually the first step to any SEO program or package we offer. It is specifically tailored to suit many complex or ecommerce sites. Our Simple Audit may be our first step, but it helps to diagnose exactly where some of the issues may be by using one of the most inclusive SEO checklists.

This is inclusive of:

  • Check of indexed pages vs published pages.
  • Number of pages indexed – versus number of page actually published.
  • Competitor benchmarking.
  • Content Management System (CMS) review.
  • Google Analytics script check.
  • Hosting/IP address check.
  • Keyword ranking (top 25).
  • On-page sitemap check
  • Review of the meta and title tag structure
  • txt check
  • Search Engine verification and
  • Webmaster Tools review.
  • XML sitemap check.
  • And over 40 more items…

Duration: 16 consultation hours completed over 5 business days.

Results: Your personal SEO analyst will step you through the completed detailed report via conference call to ensure that you are fully aware of all of the information that the audit unearthed and can make the best decisions for your website’s SEO.

Tactical SEO Audit

Slingshot Internet Marketing,Digital Marketing Australia,Online Marketing Australia,SEO Company Australia,SEO Services Australia This next step up will begin to explore the nuts and bolts of your website.

This is inclusive all of the same elements as the Basic Audit

Specific, more in depth analysis of

  • Database concerns and issues.
  • Site Speed
  • Page load times
  • Content generation
  • Higher detailed review of linking, both internal and external.
  • Competing website strategy including their strengths and weaknesses and how best to succeed against them.

The Tactical Audit allows for a greater allotment of time for your personal SEO Analyst to not only delve deeper into any possible issues, but also provides you with a more tailored analysis so that your specific needs can be investigated. While the Basic Audit may raise issues and opportunities, the Tactical Audit provides you with a platform to expand on this and resolve for the best outcome.

Duration: Usually 40 consultation hours completed over 4 weeks.

Your personal SEO analyst will step you through the completed detailed report via conference call to ensure that you are made full aware of all of the information that the audit unearthed and can make the best decisions for your website’s SEO.

Emergency SEO Audit

This is our response to urgent and serious problems. We can get you back on your feet sooner, and your website’s SEO polished up and ready to go. This is best used when there has been a serious and significant drop in your site’s traffic and rankings over a short period of time, or seemingly instantaneously. This is often a rare case where the SEO you have engaged is used a manner not intended, or sometimes it can be from human concerns varying from simple coding errors to a more malicious issue such as denial of service attacks or hacking. Our response to this scenario is an immediate review of on-site, off-site and third party concerns.

Time is a priority in this case because it is often involves scenarios where essential functions are being affected by the lack of traffic, and your earning potential evaporates.

To do this we:

  • Readily identify the issue.
  • Investigate all available data.
  • Interrogation of technical sources.
  • Analysis of activity, inclusive of competitors.
  • Identification of the concern.
  • Present a strategic response.
  • Employ the plan through a variety of fronts to optimise success.

Our Emergency Audit team are experts in this quick thinking and strategic response so we can get your website back to its required visibility as soon as possible.

Duration: Depends upon variables, but time is priority.

Results: We aim to return you to the best possible position prior to the emergency situation in as little time as possible. Throughout the process you will be provided with Daily Progress Reports and your SEO Analyst will be providing continuous briefings.

The Next Step

No matter which audit option you feel is best suited to your needs, at the end of the process you will have a detailed map of where your SEO concerns are and how best to proceed. This gives you the opportunity to either take your plans back to your web developer, or continue with one of our other services to provide the optimal result from those who now have an intimate knowledge of your website.

SEO Strategy

When engaging our SEO services, we always like to plan out our strategy.
Starting off with an initial SEO Audit, the full range of potential is examined, inclusive of content, keywords, infrastructure and link profile. The end result of this is your personalised SEO Strategy Report.

Your assigned SEO Analyst will step you through this process. Every case is different, and every strategy is unique to your specific situation. But the steps forward are up to you; whether you want to implement the ideas yourself, engage our services on an hour-by-hour basis, or dive into one of our more comprehensive specialised packages.

When to approach us?

Are you a new site?

If you are a new website, especially ones with a large volume, such as a media site or if you utilise Ecommerce, then you want to make sure you are providing the best foundation for your success right from the outset.

Approaching an SEO company at this early stage should take an even higher priority than choosing your web developers, but we provide that service too. See Website Design.

And this SEO step should always come before deciding upon your Content Management Systems, (such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.), and other add-ons such as your shopping cart software or catalogue management tools.

The reason why you should approach us first is because our strategy will influence exactly what form of technical platform you decide to use. Often these elements speak volumes about your online success, and it’s always best to start from the best position; you don’t want to have to change platforms halfway through.

Are you using a mature site?

Often a site that has been around for a while and matured over the years will become stagnate, in terms of growth. Success is neither here nor there, but you think to yourself that surely there is greater potential here then why should you settle for mediocracy or second-best?

By engaging with SEO services you can help kick past this plateauing effect and keep growing in visibility with the changing times. After all, Search Engines constantly update their keyword clusters with 100s of new criteria every year; you need to stay at the forefront of this change or you will be swept aside by your competition that isn’t afraid to adapt.

Outcomes you can see

Our SEO audits will give you with the report you need to navigate the technical realm of the SEO world. We provide for you, and talk you through, the whole process from what you can do, and what we specialise in.

From this point, the ball is in your court. We offer a wide variety of plans and options moving forward because every SEO need is different and every plan is tailored to your needs. Ultimately you need to consider factors such as…

  • Size and age of the site.
  • Technical aspects.
  • What field you are in and complexity of the market.
  • Your competition.
  • The complexity of the technology used and to be used.

But from the outset of the project, we provide you with a comprehensive hourly breakdown and estimation of the services that will guide our steps forward.

The best part about it all is that the investment you commit to us is but a fraction of the revenues you stand to gain by promoting your site and giving it the visibility it deserves.

Whether you want to rekindle an existing site into a vibrant flame, or start a new project with a bang, an SEO strategy with us is one of the most comprehensive and ideal ways to benefit you and your project.


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