5 Deadly Myths about Keywords

5 Deadly Myths about Keywords

Keywords need to be densely packed
The notion that the more frequently a keyword is used will translate into more success is an outdated idea. There is no formula relating to the density and consistent frequency of keywords closely packed together. The aim you should bear in mind is to have your specific phrases repeated throughout so that you can maximise their frequency while balancing well-flowing content that evokes a more natural feel and readability.

Optimise only one keyword at a time
Optimising only one keyword at a time was the strategy circa 2005 and since all of the updates no longer can be applied to the market in 2015. If you only focus on the one keyword, then you will find that you have missed a number of opportunities. By diversifying your keyword research you can include the broad elements while focusing your energy on the long-tail terms and the newer focus on conceptual keywords.

Keywords should dominate domain names

The days of domain names being a long string on nonsensical keywords are thankfully at an end. The keyword rich domain names no longer have much true value to a domain’s visibility. This means that you should focus not on the keywords in your domain name, but can instead start expanding and marketing your brand and focus on brand recognition.

Keyword Stuffing

The overuse of keywords in odd and unusual ways is better known as keyword stuffing. By now you should realise that this is not a practice that would be still supported in the 2015 environment. You should avoid alienating your readers and focus on the subtle and logical way to weave keywords into your copy while still creating excellent and unique content.

Keywords don’t matter anymore

There is also the false idea that with all of the changes that have been made, and the shift towards concept based searches, keywords don’t matter in 2015. This idea is misguided as keywords play a more important role than ever. It’s an evolving market that is constantly changing and developing so you need to stay on top of the latest changes if you want to succeed. Despite what occurs, keywords will always be at the core of SEO.

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